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Private Pre-Alpha

Training and War Simulation

Global Scale Combat & Flight Simulator In Development

Training and War Simulation (TWS) is a groundbreaking combat simulation game that aims to revolutionize military simulation.

With an ultra-realistic experience of air, land, and sea combat on a global scale, TWS utilizes Unreal Engine 5 and cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled realism.

The game's ambitious scope and dedication to realism are poised to redefine the genre of military simulation and change the way players experience virtual warfare forever.

Currently in private pre-alpha testing, TWS has impressed players with highly detailed infantry experience.

Read ahead to learn how to gain access to TWS Alpha Testing.


Complete control over your character's kit, and all equipment is functional.

Flight Simulation

Realistic flight simulation with the same models used for military training.

Realistic Vehicles

Real world vehicle engagement ranges as you explore millions of miles of terrain.

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Global Combat Simulation

Driven by a mission for an ultra realistic military simulation experience, players will walk, drive, sail, and fly across a sprawling 1:1 scale Earth and face a multi-domain of threats.

Player-driven objectives will be focused on the large scale teamwork required to capture resource-rich areas, and maintaining the security necessary to bring supplies to forward positions.


Particles, ricochets, dynamic sound, and realistic wounding make combat beautiful & terrifying.


Mountains, valleys, cities, and player-built points of interest (POIs) are some of the diverse environments.


New vehicles will be added on an ongoing basis with realistic simulated systems & weapons.


Shrapnel based damage that expands from the center of every blast.

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Training and War Simulation is in active development. Get involved for a chance to gain access to TWS Alpha testing and to stay informed when a release date is announced.

TWS Gameplay Features

TWS is still in development, and we're adding new features every week, but below is a list of some key features players can expect as the game rolls out.

Ultra Realistic Wounding

Damage is based on a living breathing medical system. Players who are injured without treatment will bleed and their condition will worsen, while lethal wounds can make it impossible to fight.

Dynamic Environments

Environments change, and so will your tactics. Time of day, weather, and environment will all change which tactics, equipment, and weapons are effective.

Logistics & Resources

Detailed containerized logistics allow players to move everything from large shipping containers to single ammo cans. Run complex logistics operations or just build a castle of ammo cans with your friends.

Pupil Vision™

Proprietary dynamic Pupil Vision™ adjusts your view in real time based on what your character is looking, bringing your operations into near photorealistic focus.

Easter Eggs

With the entire world to explore, come a lot of opportunities to discover things that aren't combat related. Sometimes you'll wonder if your mind is playing games, or what you saw was real.

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Training and War Simulation is in active development. Get involved for a chance to gain access to TWS Alpha testing and to stay informed when a release date is announced.

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